by Janaki Nagaraj

Am hit by the brilliance of your smile
The impact knocks the air off my lungs
Am I about to write a love story, epic?
Was this the deliverance I was waiting for?
The heart song whose melody
Lifts me to a trance like state
A gut feeling, always so right.
Had always hoped to meet you
Had held on to this belief,
Never riveting, steadfast…That
I will be yours one day…someday.
Is this HIS utterance?
Or a condition pathologic?
Isn’t the theme of our life, love?
Initial incredulity leading to acceptance
Helped me tide through this storm.
When I look at you…limbs go weak,
My skin is screaming for your touch
This uncontrollable urge to merge with you.
I forgot all the rules, all the dogmas,
The doctrines…all I want is You.

©Janaki Nagaraj 2012

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