Melodic Demise~ by Jenni De La Torre

I sing a melody
where it originated
is uncertain to me.

It’s a riveting song
totally unrelated
but, still I play along.

Imprisoning brilliance
that’s long been awaited
with every utterance.

It’s a theme to the life
that I’ve always hated
words cutting like a knife.

An epic doctrine
last moments debated
that never should have been.

The mere deliverance
stranded me berated
and longing acceptance.

Uncontrollable grief
the world has created
cast off for my belief.

Pathological lies
with time had inflated
would soon be my demise.

My tears started streaming
the storm dilated
then turned into screaming.

The incredulity
has clearly been stated
yet still you disagree.

Speaking hastily in tongues
til I am deflated
last breath leaving my lungs.

Silent til I\’m forgot
my life-force vacated
my limbs begin to rot.

Face permanently blue
my gut, desecrated
I’m officially through.

© Jenni De La Torre 2012

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