Desire~ Pamela Rossow

Desire~ by Pamela Rossow

I scream but you do not hear me you see
me tightly bound but you turn away my
cries are torn from my lips by wicked
winds smothering demons that bottle up
my devastation are fascinated with keeping
it in a glass container so they can ogle and
mock my sensations the feelings of hurt
pain and agony that are my afflictions they
sometimes place it high upon shelves where
they can gape and delight in my heartbroken
existence I crave the power to escape my mind
knows I am alive yet I exist as an object like the
other bodies they have overcome their power
sends out insidious vibrations of a parallel
eternity in which movement is never ceasing
heated chains brand and once amorous
souls deteriorate into paroxysms

©Pamela Rossow 2012

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