Nodding Donkeys Disagree~ by Poppy Scarlett

Propped discreetly in the shadows
of my lonely window seat,
this empty house and I do not want to meet,
dwellers from a distant shore.
Who call to offer comfort at our door.
Cloves and roses pungent burn
incensed, incense stings the
sombre eye –
Come back early I cried,
or not at all …
Shivering I garner to me, chills in
mid July –
Malachite green roots
support these crumbling walls,
wild beasts assemble on the hill and
nodding donkeys nod,
in disagreement with me.
Tulips are red
accept to rotting corpses
they are already – dead.
I – was boastful dancing on the edge
then I shouted
come back early
or not at all.

Not anymore the sound of your
returning footfall…

 © Poppy Scarlett



Poppy Scarlett has been published both in book format, kindle and on various websites.

Poppy ~xx~



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