The Demons Hiding Inside~ by Jacob Chapman

Everybody is so happy,
so joyful, so not me.
They laugh when people cry in agony,
like when a witch laughs madly at her victims
as they scream in horror and pain.
Why do humans take life for granted?
They treat it like a water drop,
so delicate and majestic
as when it can be maneuvered
and manipulated so easily,
to be taken advantage of
like a ladybug under a boot;
it has no escape.
Humans are the maneuvers—
the maneuverings of life!
Humans are the manipulators—
the manipulators of life!
So why?
Why do humans do the evil things they do?
Like a raven kicking a robin out of its nest,
just because it can.
Humans deserve no happiness,
no pleasure, none at all!
I know why humans are the ravens,
because if you look into their eyes,
you’ll see the festering demons hiding inside.
They crawl, weaken, kill
and overpower good-deeds with bad ones.
So, you humans keep laughin’ your souls out
and just wait, just wait
for the burn, the burn from
your inner demons
ready to eat your life away
until your insides rot and
your soul wrinkles
and turns into an empty lot
left to crack, wither and die alone.
So stop laughing
and let your inner angels rise,
ready to slay your demons that hide inside.
You’ll feel their blue blood spill
When angel wings flutter as swords cut sins away.
Laugh at the humans in agony,
but mend yourself
from the festering demons
and let your angels rise.

 ©Jacob Chapman


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Jacob Chapman is a young and constantly inspired writer and attend SCAPA Bluegrass (School for the Creative and Performing Arts.) 


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