Glass Trees~ by Poppy Scarlett

You with all your vivid faces
I have no misgivings.
To have looked away stood back
said how wise, that he never caught my eye
let it be; torn feet cursed earth– if our paths had
never crossed.
For the wounded lie fatigued, yet to have made
no offer– when we both know how fear
devours the spirit alive.
What good then?
For pallid faces wear deaths mask; of street light regret.
Voices with not the time for warmth
as they talk of leaving-
sucking in secrets
like the larks that rise aloft.
The men have all but left-
as I catch your dreams between
my aching finger.
Night stumbles as whispered aspirations
clutter up the mind.
Collapsing one by one, we are dying
see even the trees are turning to glass.
I am all for simple living as if nothing happened
it’s all I understand…

 ©Poppy Scarlett 2013


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Poppy Scarlett I have no glorious qualifications when it comes to writing. Several have been published both in book format, kindle and on various websites.
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