Smoke by Sy Roth

Smoke by Sy Roth

thurible mesmerizes while it
dances chorus-line of swinging
wide arcs kicks at the kneeling brood
amorphous, spiritual wraiths spook them
the peristaltic smoke a bulging stream
blankets them in the icy chill

metal senser follows its own swinging cadence
beats out morbid rhythms of coffin bongo-chords
that reverberate
raise goosebumps on the suspended son

guitarist’s hymns bang like a dervish among the living
echo in the chamber in time to vapid homilies
that follow closely on the heels of an extended C-chord
stretched to its saintly limits in common time

ghostly incense weeps from its pores
fills the space with a pungent, punkish odor
of sweaty laborers under a darkling sun

the cloud-shroud sweeps over
where the silent marionette
sated with chemicals rests for his journey

trees wave at them outside beckoning
lethargy consumes the chastened idolaters

survivors who exist for yet another day

©Sy Roth

Sy Roth is a retired school administrator, published poet and essayist.


Sy Roth


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