Placenta Encapsulation~ by PD Leitz

lying within earth’s immortal womb
moist muscle pulsating
I laboured to be smaller
she implored me to be mightier

contractions fierce she
carried me upon the wayward wave
~ all wretchedness of mankind
readying for the next stricken swell
~ all mankind’s aspirations
I began to pant

she swathed me in soothing winds
and upon my cracked lips dabbed
uncivilized raindrops flavoured in rainbows
bathed me with rays of sun
and murmured with conviction ~ believe

spent I lay there vulnerable
releasing others expectations
and more important, those of my own
automatically I reached for the umbilical
cord, now dried, dust to dust

corpus uteri I had become
instinctively protective gathering
the daisies, art, clouds the clever
the children and the lonely
within my universal womb
whom was nourishing whom
now did not matter

©Pd Lietz 2013

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