Looking Glass (For Jill)~

Looking Glass (For Jill)

I had poor eyesight
From this hill,
Mistaking the climb
For living,
But trying
A looking glass
Left by a passing friend
I can see

This plateau,
A place revealed
As though from
Great altitude before,
Nondescript from distance,
The view too indistinct
To see castles
Or ruins.

I view it now,
Finding things discarded
Long ago
Thought lost,
Indeed growing
In hidden
Crevices, adjacent to
A highway
I no longer have need
To travel.

I never burn bridges
I disassemble them
Laying the pieces
With instructions
On the banks,
Should anyone else
Care to visit
Old roads,
Along with
A freshly painted map

And a looking glass
Passed along by a friend
For luck.

© David Seth Smith 2013

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