The Outhouse

by Ron Reed

A tool
an evil necessity
the place you go…
because you have to go.

The Sears catalog was a device
as much as a requirement
a hygienic convenience
as much as entertainment.

For lack of indoor plumbing
the journey required strength
through hot summer nights
and thickly snow coated winter nights.

It was anxious relief at best
a necessary destination in truth
f only I could hold it in
until morning.

Sitting on a wooden stool
so old its slivers had names
and hair on them
oh, the pain.

To this day I well with tears
so glad for progress
I cherish the sound
of a flush.

© Ron Reed 2012

18 thoughts on “The Outhouse~ by Ron Reed

  1. Scatalogical minimalism and a “out” -standing image to share its spare and stark lines with your piece that brings up goosebumps! This is a departure from your usual style; that takes courage and you have certainly started from the “bottom” up! I do have a memory of the old “outhouse” and it was quite the place to ponder those who had come before me; not something found in the plastic and fiberglass “crowdpleasers” that are the “facilities” at parks, concerts, and special events…
    Thanks for that postage-stamp sized memory, Ron!

    • Willow – Thank you so much for stopping by :). It was a departure for sure. I did the drawing a while ago and felt there was a verse in there somewhere. I laughed at myself for creating a poetic description of such a utilitarian device :). Thank you again. I hope you are well.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful sketch and ode to the outhouse! The closest I’ve come to ever using one was the porta-potty. Lol! I, too, am thankful for the things that go flush . . .
    Blessings, Ron!

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