A Dish Best Served Cold~

Is Love the excuse
As the bitter cold
Seeps into every nook and cranny
O’er me.

My shivering distracts
As my absent mind
Wanders and contemplates
Climbing a mountain
Living in Alaska
Or staying warm here, tonight

Even though my head is bowed
I sense her
That unencumbered warmth radiates through me
Stealing an upwards glance
Her smile
Her eyes
Revealed to me
Oh sweet redress
I succumb
And feel myself
Being swallowed

©Neil Chatterton 2012

8 thoughts on “A Dish Best Served Cold by Neil Chatterton

  1. ‘unencumbered warmth’?- I stumbled upon this phrase. Perhaps the poet means ‘unblocked’, going by old french ‘encombrer’, because how can warmth be ‘unburdened’? I stand to be corrected if need be. BTW, Mr. Neil Chatterton is my favorite poet, so I relish his every poem (including this).

    • Neil Chatterton

      Portia, in this context, I was trying to convey that this feeling he has just seeing this woman, brings him an inner comfort, even though neither accepts any responsibility in this relationship….does that make sense?
      As always I love your comments…Neil

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