Suddenly awake
A subtle shift in ambiance
Or my own fear realized.

Dare to move
Dare to dream
That this feeling is real
Wanted it,
Desired it,
Demanded it.
Never contemplating
For me
For you
Our Life.

Now but a used courtesan
Watched and treated
As a plaything
To Have but
Never to Hold.

Imaginations run wild
Guffaws of laughter
Prove a cruel partner
As lipstick
Is smeared
Without thought or remorse.

Light ebbs
As your darkness
Yet guides me too.

Your smirk
Reveals me
Only to please
Only to serve.

Abandonment complete
For tonight.

©Neil Chatterton 2013

4 thoughts on “Levels by Neil Chatterton

  1. Neil – I agree with Portia :). A daydream…a conversation held but not realized. The consequence of feeling without realization. That is what I felt…I could be wrong…but great verse anyway 🙂

  2. Wonderful poem! I dunno why it is called ‘erotic’. I rather felt the empahy of the poet for an unfortunate ‘courtesan’ who is used as a mere plaything.
    -Portia Burton

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