Door’s Loom~

by Sy Roth

Door’s Loom

Dreamer’s eyes peer into hollow rooms of
empty chairs arrayed haphazardly
in an echololic world,
welcome mat to a terminus of somber expectations;
spent caller in a midnight pool of clinging sweat
awakens to a somnolent dream of
anxious openings and closings
creakings and doors bouncing noisily on their frames,
doors crossing thresholds into foreboding exits,
entrances to ebon trapdoors that open on this side of a chasm;
booming Harridans’ voices on the other side
bellowing staccato ear-piercing barrages
of boomlets from a beyond.

Binocular eyes capture the warp and woof of
this warring world of portals from which
acrid smoke plumes rise inscribing
an unpropitious epitaphs above the lintels.

Lids scrunch closed and shout retreat
as new doors loom another ill-fitting garment.

©Sy Roth 2012


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