Holy Curiosity, Batman~

by Sy Roth

Holy Curiosity, Batman

Nothingness wrapped in a ball of neurons,
A metastatic cancer,
Resides in the center of a fiery brain.
Electric arcs dance round it
Lathered in sun block—SPF 80—
Penning it in,
Carrier blissfully unaware
Of the superheated magma
Hidden in its bathetic folds.

Insignificant insects wriggles from dendrite to axon
Before the altar of cliché,
In front
Where Einstein rests
Ensconced in hairy verisimilitude
Lips reading runic inscriptions
An homage to imagination
Knowledge that the puling orb
Drowns like kittens in a quiet lake.

Inspiration slices the darkness in half.
Burdened eyes of the carrier look upward
To explain it
Neither dunning, nor plumbing it.

The chaise seems too enticing.
Holy curiosity will have to wait.

©Sy Roth 2012


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