As If Sharing A Secret

by Portia Burton

I saw a woman on the train
Lost to the world and smiling to herself,
And fondly fondling the lapels of her coat…

Oh, I felt guilty of eavesdropping,
And intruding upon her privacy,
Yet I was drawn to her
By that look on her face,
And saw in her my own reflection,
Remembering that sweet moment
When I was returning after meeting him,
Remembering his touch and his whispers,
Remembering the smell of his sweat-…

Just then her and mine eyes met,
And after a pause
We smiled at each other,
As if sharing a secret.

©Portia Burton 2012

7 thoughts on “As If Sharing A Secret by Portia Burton

  1. That is so strange Portia; I am submitting a poem very similar; although the end is quite different it is about that connection with a stranger during a time of heightened emotion.  Two strangers sharing their memories of a tryst without saying a word; a very universal feeling and a moment in time captured lovingly.  Very nice.

  2. Mohini Puranik

    So cute and absolutely true. This poem reminded me something similar incident, when a little kid shared his mischievous smile. Lovely lovely feelings.

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