O Wandering Cloud

by Portia Burton

Why have you entered, o wandering cloud,
In the secluded chamber of my heart?
Here you’ll find only wounded poems
Which have been kept studiously apart.

Yet, their tears will satisfy your thirst,
And make you become more profound,
The storm contained in their words
Will lend gravity to your sound.

However, you won’t find, my friend,
The melancholy note of some unnamed pain,
Which these poems contain in their sighs,
And in them suppressed it’ll remain.

But, when you will rain, someone would listen
Perhaps in your drizzle, those mute sighs,
And in response a poem will start flowing
Through the tears of that listener’s eyes.

©Portia Burton 2012

8 thoughts on “O Wandering Cloud by Portia Burton

    • Thank you, dear Mr. Neil, once again I was in that mood when I am restless without any reason and then feel connected to ‘a cloud’. I can not name it, but I feel a vague presence hovering above me, watching me silently. Many of my poems are addressed to it.

  1. Last line is really making me feel the tears. I can feel every word, every emotion behind the poem. Your poems are expressing the emotions which are hard to understand, feel and express.

    • Thank you, dear Mohinee. Yes,sometimes I find it hard to understand myself and then I feel the presence of ‘a cloud’ or a vague and invisible someone whois hovering above me and watching me. I share my restlessness with that ‘presence’ through such poems.

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