Liars and Politicians~

by Sy Roth

Liars and Politicians

dissemblers toy with ghastly secrets and cabals
those Captain Queegs roll their mystical metal balls between their
they bury the imponderables in the mud of the great flood
feign answers to questions that sit like dust on their tongues,
and like antediluvian arks leave a trail of bits and traces to more
they evoke shoulder-shrugging responses
provide distractions and diversions illustrative of nothing
behind Mona Lisa smiles and chest-grabbing infarctions

their answers suggest a heaven that provides a modicum of peace
they consume time in their circuses with gray elephants and somnolent
and engender dreams that soar like pterodactyls in a lost land
they eat ancient time with their questions
knots built on Gordian knots
for only they believe their truth

©Sy Roth 2012


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