Pink, I Never Thought~

Pink, I never Thought~ by Mickey Munday

I never thought of myself as someone who would love the color “Pink”.
That’s right, I love the color “Pink”!
Want to do something about it?
Think again!

I’m a big guy, over 6 feet and 210 pounds.
This is something that slammed me one day
Now every time i see “Pink”, it makes me smile.

Thank you, Peyton!

©Mickey Munday 2012


To My GrandDaughter you light up my life…. Funny how a little one can change your perspective on life.


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4 thoughts on ““Pink” – I Never Thought~ by Mickey Munday

  1. What a pleasure to read of the love between grandfather and grandaughter and the best is yet to come!  It takes a secure man to show his sensitive side; my father made my daughter call him “Uncle.”  His life remains drab and grey while you color your world and that of your loved ones building colorful memories now and in the years ahead~~~~ how love softens and strengthens at the same time!!!

  2. very nice. Grandparents are, um, the limit! They pamper their grandchildren sooooo much and become so sensitive about them! I know,’cause my granny  is one such madly dotting person and  I love her most!

  3. Awe isn’t it weird how that works out. A family member, lover, or friend can suddenly make us realize we like a color, scent, flavor. 

    And it’s all because of them. Very awesome dedication to your grand daughter. Our children are our world, but just wait until you have a grand child!! HA!! I’ve said it many times over, If only I could have been a grand mother first!! 

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