Red and Blue Cowboy Boots~

by Sy Roth

Red and Blue Cowboy Boots

A neighbor passed today on his way to non-being.
A casual traveler basking once in the silky sun of existence.
Cells once nourished became his bete noir.
They consumed him in a gulp.

Not knowing him well,
Hardly a blip on his radar screen.
For a nanosecond at a community gathering
He acknowledged my existence.
And I his.
We talked of boots,
Walking, y’all, cowboy boots,
Strutting boots
Boots with power, the shit-kicking kind.
And the cowboy hat that I was wearing.

Because he could strut no more,
His wheel chair holding him in thrall,
He gifted his red, blue shit-kickers to me.
But I did not strut in them
I tossed them to the bottom of my closet
Among forgotten, mismatched socks and underwear.

Now that he is no more,
I sought them out.
A life memo.
I tested them.
Wrapped my feet in them.
Stood like the Colossus of Rhodes arms akimbo
And strutted across my bedroom in them
Il Duce, chin stuck in the air sucking in life,
I sashayed to the mirror.

Agape, a mortal stared back.
My neighbor would have smiled.

© Sy Roth  2012


4 thoughts on “Red and Blue Cowboy Boots by Sy Roth

  1. Oh the things we toss in the corner, in the closet or stick on a shelf given to us by someone, be it a friend, neighbor or a total stranger. At the time often mean nothing to us, thus the reason they are put in the places I mentioned. I think we often forget that sometimes those items might mean a great deal to those that gave them to us.  

    You put them on after he passed, and smiled but I am sure it would have meant so much more to him if he had seen you strutting your stuff in those boots. And so much more to you to have seen his smile 🙂 

  2. Mary Hudak-Collins

    Awh, sort of sad, but at that same time makes you realize that life is not forever; and that we should appreciate everything that we are given…even if it’s not something that we think much of at the time.  Great piece of work!!

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