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Introduction to the Poetry Corner 

Poetry in all its splendor is about observation of the world around and within you. Poetry is written about anything and everything. Writing poems, prose, verse, sonnets, limericks, haiku, is all about surveillance of the world around you, playing with words and using metaphors to dress things up and bring your words to life.
A poem can be about anything that moves you and everything around you, be it love, relationships, death, life, green fields or burning cars.
The Poetry Corner has been created on BlogNostics to help those who have a love poetry and want to possess the correct tools to help you become a better and more prolific poet whether you are a beginner or seasoned writer.

It has been said by many in order to understand, appreciate, and to write poetry, one must READ, LISTEN and DISCUSS Poetry. Get inspired, get involved, start learning. Speak to other poets and start exploring a wide range of works be it classical works like Edger Allen Poe, or song lyrics by any pop artist out there. Start Writing.

Find what moves you and write it down. Poems are born and created from fragments that are around you in everyday life. Write down everything that comes to mind. Passion and emotions are what comprises a poem. As soon as it comes into your mind jot it down.

The Poetry Corner will help you define your style. There are a vast amount of poetry styles out there to choose from; Sonnets, prose, Haiku, Jintishi, limericks, Tanka, free verse just to name a few. Our goal is to assist you into finding what best suites you and your style of writing.

Elements within Poetry:
Prosody: Patterns of rhythm and sound.
Rhythm: Repeated pattern of sound with in a piece.

iamb – one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
trochee – one stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable
dactyl – one stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables
anapest – two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable
spondee – two stressed syllables together
pyrrhic – two unstressed syllables together

Rhyme, Alliteration, Assonance: Are creative repetitive patterns of sound
Rhyme: Consists of identical or simular sounds at the end of lines or in particular places.
Alliteration and Assonance: Poetry interweave meter and alliteration as a key part of their structure, so that the metrical pattern determines when the listener expects instances of alliteration to occur.

Forms, Lines and Stanzas and much more…

The Poetry Corner is designed to help you. Use the lessons on the pages to write better poetry, discussions your challenges with our Poetry Experts and improve as a poet. The Poetry Corner is the place to be to learn and grow.

Please Join Us on a Discovery of Poetry be a better writer…Stay tuned for more.

Article by Jessica Brant


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