Sardonic Repetition~

Sardonic Repetition

The satire of the moment, satire of the ages.
What makes a moment significant apart from the satire that affects the future.
None of it affects the past.
Annoying every day, but welcome for inspiration.
My satire, I am satire, everyone is, but always welcome.
We feed those skeletons in the closet, but they never swallow.

Dark is too dark, and annoyingly so.

At one point we don’t welcome the satire for the sake of doing so.
I read the message boards,
forums, and blogs and grow sick to my stomach by the bludgeoning of humans.
But am I different from the sickos?
I hate humans too.
I’m not in a position to point my finger at the mirror, though.

  ©Patrick Attaway 2012

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