Hollow Stripe – A Memorial Day Tribute by Ron Reed

Hollow Stripe – A Memorial Day Tribute~ poem by Ron Reed

I dare not call it vapid
the response to actions taken
the hollow stripe of longevity
serves only as a reminder
that I survived more than some
protecting the meager space I occupied
to live another day to protect it again

I engaged with purpose and grandiose notions
and found myself living in the moment
one minute at a time
a reactive state of being
to grow the ground I controlled
and shrink an opposition I did not know
a conscious sleep unending

Purpose has many faces
I knew and did not know
my purpose changed when my feet planted
onto earth where I was not welcome
a task held so personal
a mission shared by all

Thank you all for remembering
thank you all who care
I have lost life and limb believing
I would leave a better place
thank you for taking a moment and a day
but thank God
you can sleep without my memories

©Ron Reed 2011

Dedicated to
James Allan Reed (USN retired) 1951-2010


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2 thoughts on “Hollow Stripe – A Memorial Day Tribute~ by Ron Reed

  1. This poem takes you straight to the battlefield-battlefield of the heart of a common soldier who is jus following his orders and is overwhelmed by the change in his role from that of a conqueror to a hated alien. It highlights the malady of a common soldier of any country who knows just one thing-obey the flag of his country and orders of his seniors. But, like every gentle human being, he too wants to leave this earth a better place.
    So subtle and taut!
    Mr. Ron, I really revere you!

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