A Minstrel's Song For Ealhswith

by Neil Chatterton

Beckons and tempts
I stir
I fidget
Closing my eyes
As I bask in its light
Feel its warmth
Outside and inside
Filling me
This summer sun whispers
Echoes my wants
Renews my desires
Knowing my promises.
Open arms
Finger-tips feeling the moving air
Wanting that light touch
To be your face
Longing to open my eyes
And see you before me
Your smile that envelops me
Keep me safe
Makes me feel so very special.

Stepping outside
I am with you
Walking these hallowed streets and avenues
Past and present artists
Smile and nod
As if knowing
Our oneness
Defines our being
And that our love is pure
Echoed one day
By family and friends
As our beautiful day
Will be filled with the same sun
That waits for me now
As I open my eyes.

©Neil Chatterton 2012

10 thoughts on “A Minstrel’s Song For Ealhswith by Neil Chatterton

  1. Mr. Neil, this song belongs to me qwhether you make some changes or not. It is now imprinted on ‘our’ common heart.(you know what I mean).

  2. Neil – I apologize in advance for duplicating my response from the group, but having read this piece several times I cannot add or refine what I felt when I read this. This is a very deep piece! A
    sensory memory and desire of being begging to come to fruition. It is a
    moving and introspective work….oh wait…that may be my comment ;). I
    am humbled by your brilliance sir.

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