Cruel Dawn

by Willow Rose

This is the cruel dawn…
the dawn of wailing sirens, crow calls, locked doors.
Your door is locked,
a silent assault.
I tiptoe past,
careful not to break any eggshells.
There are so many now;
mama always said I was clumsy;
now everywhere I step I hear it,
I hear the cracking, breaking, crunching
of hollow shells.

The cruel dawn breaks too.
And I was just learning to crumble.

©Willow Rose 2012

One thought on “Cruel Dawn by Willow Rose

  1. Willow this feels like a journey into the mind and the many hidden spaces we bury deep within…I liked your phrase, And I was just learning to crumble…as if…I am just beginning to get it…and then…off we go again…back to those hidden places, yet to be discovered and confronted in the Cruel Dawn….well written…Always…

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