If You Are Ever Sad by Ranvijay Rathore

Are you really sad
And others feel you are mad
Not able to express it out
And just shout out to da crowd
Tell them your sorrow
If they can borrow
Some amongst the million
So that you are a trillion
Take out the voice within you
Take it out a few
Examine the reaction
Are they really in action’
Are they really listening
Or just whistling
Or just saying “yew”
No one can understand
Why you drop your tears
And fear if somebody hears
From whom you are escaping
When the crowd does not give a draping
Does not give a damn
To your life so calm
It does not cost them anything
If you ever get ruined by something
No one will will understand you well
Then why to tell
Just be on your own
And be happy on the new dawn’
So,if you are ever sad
Lets others feel you are mad…..

©Ranvijay Rathore 2012

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