The Treblinka Miners 1946~

by Sy Roth

The Treblinka Miners 1946

So we think we’re dead
And they couldn’t possibly take more from us
But there they are
Miners in trenches we excavated for our deaths
They disturbing our rest
Pulling up our bones
Haphazardly tossing our skulls about
In those skulls resides nothing sentient
Our hollow eyes only gazing sadly up at the day
Sensing the miners
Rolling our heads helter-skelter outside our tombs
Exposed sarcophagi
A damned spot
An epic tale of our prior existence
Our bones stacked like cord wood
Those ravenous vultures still desire
The parts we may have left behind
Unlike a Silverstein tree we have no more to give
No more flesh to flay, no earthly property
No mulish labor to withstand
No more gold that we tried to offer so we could detour death
Yet they continue their search–
For a gold-filled tooth
Or a wedding band hidden from them
These miners bear no guilt
No conscious burden for their actions
They are after all only miners seeking treasure
And we solid rock there for their pick-axing delight

© Sy Roth 2012


3 thoughts on “The Treblinka Miners 1946 by Sy Roth

  1. Neil Chatterton

    Captured the essence of that time – the absolute horror that was, and continues to be, as we learn that no ground is sacred. Excellent piece. 

  2. Portia Burton

    A shiver ran down my spine while feeling the anguish and also realising the awful circle of dust to life to dust.It also reminded me of Hamlet’s dialogue near a grave being dug.
    -Portia Burton

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