Time of the Pearl by Willow Rose

The mist is thick
rising up through the swamp,
and the dawning day
weaves gossamer strands
of sunlit gold
through that damp veil.
A bird takes flight
and soars away
into the no-longer night.
Airborne! Aloft!
And free;
winging my soul
right out of me.
I fold into this morning,
feeling like a blind man
who can suddenly see;
And finally feels
what it is to be…
The morning magic
holds me prisoner…
Although I have the key.

©Willow Rose 2011

4 thoughts on “Time of the Pearl by Willow Rose

  1. Portia Burton

    Great! It is good to remain a prisoner to the magic of morning though we have the key (Key to what?-the same stale, mediocre life in the concrete jungle?) I loved this poem.

  2. I read this several times and felt something new each time. An awakening to a new day. An epiphany, and you have the key to unlock it. Beautiful 😉

    • Thank you Ron; I love the way you referred to the morning as an epiphany as that is exactly what I was thinking.  Once again, your comments are always inspiring and thoughtful as well as empathic. 

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