Invited Happiness

by Neil Chatterton

Floating down
Towards you.

Arms outstretched
That first delicate touch
As fingers brush
A feeling
Cherished and savoured.

Us needing that moment
Conjoined in accepting
This gift
Wanted by many
Found by so few.

©Neil Chatterton 2011

2 thoughts on “Invited Happiness by Neil Chatterton

  1. Neil, loved your poem. It rings so true and I couldn’t have said it better, happiness usually comes uninvited, then we embrace it, and it slowly evaporates. It’s almost always sought in all the wrong places, and is usually staring us straight in the face. I used to not even want it, now I live within it’s arms… Living in happiness once again…  where once it was uninvited. 
    <3 Deb

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