Another New Day Of Spring by Autumn Eliza

Its dawn! here is another new day,
Along with the gentle breeze I solemnly pray,
And with a joyous and thankful heart,
I get ready with a smile for my day to start.

Looking out of my window I see the azure sky,
And watch the flying birds with an envious sigh,
Oh, how the grass glistens with the morning dew,
How even the mundane things look fresh and new!!

Birds are singing happily from the lush trees,
Busy are the hummingbirds and also the bees,
From flower to flower they flutter around,
Knowing where the sweet nectar is to be found!

Slowly the sun appears in the eastern sky,
The clouds salute it reverentially as they float by,
Suddenly on my window perches a white dove,
Has it brought for me God’s divine love?

ⒸAutumn Eliza 2012

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