The Breath Of Spring

by Ron Reed

The long drawn moment
when time takes a step back
sit back and exhale a sigh
closing eyes to imagine
any moment but this.

The spring air is new but dull
and springs forth a portent view
the trees leak new life
into green bonnets to block the sky
and shade, cooling a soul.

The breath exhaled
clears the head to make room
for visions yet explored
developed notions
come to fruition.

A heart healing seeks direction
the newness of spring holds promise
the ashen decayed past
and furtile pending future
make room for new life.

The light shines differently daily
A growing crop of enlightenment
needs nurturing and care
the forecast of legacy requires
time and attention.

There is bounty at sunset to behold
dreams altered and soothed
from despair to hope
and hope shines
and the light guides.

©Ron Reed 2012

21 thoughts on “The Breath Of Spring by Ron Reed

  1. Ron, I love the way you used “Spring” as a Metaphor for the awakening “Heart”…beginning to open ” Like a New Bud”…after recoiling from “The ashen decayed past”..trusting the call of new life…coaxing the ” Heart” to Live again…Healing the Past..Looking to the Future and Embracing the Unknown, yet to unfurl….powerful poem coming from the Heart….Always…

  2. Your words melt into my soul and resonate with my own ongoing awakening. I don’t believe I could suggest a title that would convey the stirring these words created in me. I have voted on my favorite suggestion. Bless you, Ron.

    • Okay, apparently my eyesight is going because I though the capital “I” and lowercase “l” looked exactly the same! I can see now that is does not! My bad!

      • *sigh* Obviously, I need to go to bed since I can’t type.  Supposed to be “thought.” Ron, it’s a great poem filled with birth and hope and light. Night, night!

  3. Ok my choice in a name I think is fits perfectly. The reflection of the past springing forth the new dawn and ending with……..”Hope Shines Through”

  4. Portia Burton

    I just sit back and inhale this poem
    As  the fragrance of a closing flower
    Silently looking at the sunset.
    P.S. actually I should not dare to suggest a title for this wonderful poem from a great poet Mr. Ron Reed, yet, yes, yet, I would like to call this poem as’ The Breath Of Spring’.

  5. Nascent awareness of life after the dark night of the soul as symbolized by emotions or reflecting the springtime of hope in Nature itself; maybe without the inevitable moment of birth moving inexorably toward death and decay.  A way of “Breaking the Law of Entrophy.”  A law everyone would love to break but never can.  Unless…
    Smooth and flowing, Ron.  As always, subsequent readings enhance enjoyment and perception.  How often the season without mirror those within.  An outlaw to break that law would definetely be a hero!

  6. While reading I sense newness stirring in my creative poetic sixth sense—moving me to paint pictures of things to come with my own words. Beautiful! The title I recommend is “Emerging Prescience” 


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