Adorned From Within

by Neil Chatterton

Distant thunder
Rolls onward
As the darkness relents
Illuminating you.

Your silent choreography
Playing each dream role
To its end.

Watching with wonderment
I jump as the thunder
Reminds me of my place
You smile
Unconcerned with this world
As I glimpse into your soul.

Reaching out for you
Hesitating to disturb
Feelings are overwhelming
To feel safe
As outside the lightening forks and crashes.

My heart races
Choking back
Tears and fears
Now, so desperate to share
As though
My page has been turned
Pre-destined for this night
Is there not even time for a goodbye?

How long did I hold my breath
Looking at you.
Suddenly, dawn breaks
I exhale.
Everything released from within
Knowing that today you are still here
And my love for you
Meanders towards

©Neil Chatterton 2011

6 thoughts on “Adorned From Within by Neil Chatterton

  1. I enjoyed this Neil. A very introspective, pensive piece. A longing and pending emotion. The comparative of the storm outside and the internal feelings is a beautiful metaphor that includes visual and sound devices to draw the reader in. An open ended declaration of love. Very well done!

    Be well,

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