When Will You Come? by Autumn Eliza

When will you come, tell me please!…

I am getting submerged
In the dark night’s abyss!
The moon has become stranger,
The stars have averted their eyes,
Oh, I am forsaken
Even by glow-worms and fireflies!

None is ready to lend voice
To my parched throat,
In its curdled hollow
Some listless words just float.

My heart has become like a frozen pond
With a thousand cracks,
Or like a flameless candle
Turned to a lump of wax.

Oh, come and lift me up,
And take me to your heart,
Before this darkness devours
My each and every part!

And suck up with your lips
This night which has spread in me,
From its clutches only our union
Can really set me free.

ⒸAutumn Eliza 2012

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