A New Meaning

by Portia Burton

Some strange and mysterious shadows
Are gathering all around
As if to prod me to germinate anew
From my own being’s ground.

Suddenly I feel like a sapling
Dreaming the dream of flowers,
And invoking the distant clouds
For some nourishing showers.

Just then a stream starts to flow,
Murmuring a bubbly song in my core;
Its ripples spread out insistingly
To reach and caress my skin’s shore.

I start to tremble all over,
Like a bud on the verge of blossoming,
My shadow peels off like a slough,
To let me shine with a new meaning.

©Portia Burton 2012

6 thoughts on “A New Meaning by Portia Burton

  1. The last stanza is truly lovely, Portia.  The only suggestion I would make would be to keep grammatically correct you could avoid using slough as a noun since there is no such thing as a slough,  Just consider writing “my shadow sloughs off” to keep the integrity of your poem.

  2. The restless Spirit…ready to stretch after winter’s sleep and begin anew in the glistening dew of Spring…the promise of new beginnings….thank you Portia…you are forever pouring from the heart…

    • Dear Ravenmyth, thank you very much for your appreciation.Yes, you’ve caught what I actually meant to say. The imagery of shadows is there for this purpose only.

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