Upon The Placid Morn by Ranvijay Rathore

Bleed out your beauty, Autumn
Give up a gentle wrist, and smear
Your bloody hues atop the green

Cast a calming throw of heady peace
Upon the cooling land
And as you grant the sun a final fling of warmth,
Change the silent air
(Now lolling on a foliar deathbed)
With eastern whiff to intimate the fungal push

Soon you’ll send a shiver down the watery spine of
Quivering ponds, punctual brooks, and
Listless lakes, to warn them of the freeze to come

Behold! your mellow spirit
Hanging as a mist
Upon the placid morn
A sight that draws a nearing tear or two-forlorn
Observers are we all of colder climes to view!

Autumn Lady, must you be the summer waning?
Our adieu to fairer-weather life?
Ah well, at least you hum a warming tone, ensuring
Nature’s rhymes still abounds.

But now you must prepare the mind for chilly times-
You know the drill
Guiding us along a sloping path
To ease our psyche in to sleet and snow
The blue ice of water

ⒸRanvijay Rathore 2012

11 thoughts on “Upon The Placid Morn by Ranvijay Rathore

  1. The Autumn Lady brings a familiar melancholy with Her as she grants the sun a final fling of warmth. You have expressed that with your wonderful words. Beautiful.

  2. The image is perfect…it captures you and leads you into these beautiful words…here I felt the chill in the air…the mist gathering around and the pungent smell of the earth. You actually brought the essence of fall to life…very well done. I love your phrase ” Bleed out your beauty, Autumn ” it is such a beautiful season…fortelling of the chill to come…that last breath of beauty before going into Winter’s Sleep…loved this…

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