Mom, You Are by Portia Burton

Mom, you are the place
Where there’s no fear,
Where my doubts end
And mind becomes clear.

Yours is the breast which contains
That musical heartbeat only for me,
Yours are the hands that gently untie
The knots of worries to set me free.

You are that wordless infinite sky
Filled with tenderness and piety
Which stoops over me benevolently
Like a protective canopy.

Your hazel eyes are so sweet
As if drenched with honey
That can be found in the cups
Of cowslips flowers only.

Mom, I see you in everything,
Including my own being,
Then how can you even think to depart
Without tearing my heart apart?


7 thoughts on “Mom, You Are by Portia Burton

  1. Portia I must say the last two lines touched me a lot..
    “Then how can you even think to depart
    Without tearing my heart apart?”

    Your tribute was wonderful…No words are enough to praise you & your concept

    Love & Hugs
    Ranvijay Rathore

  2. Hi, Portia! ~

    I can’t even imagine what it would be like to associate such sentiments with the concept of ‘mother’.  I have a much better relationship with my kids than I do with my mother and still I don’t think it approaches this ideal.  I wonder how people really do that…

    Very touching.  Thank you for sharing yourself so deeply.  XOXOXO    

    • Dear Linda, you know very well that love is not done and the ‘concept’ of mother is as divine as that of God. For me at least, my mom means everything including God.

  3. Porshyee…there is such a feeling of love and a bond of Mother and Daughter in your words…Mom, you are the place where there is no fear…I love this line…it talks of safety, comfort, sanctuary…how wonderful to feel this about your Mom…and the photo depicts perfectly what your poem is saying…there is no bond like a Mother and Child…the beauty is …you became best friends along the way…everytime you look in the mirror you see your Mom in you…carrying her beauty into Eternity….in your words you captured a pure expression of ” Love”….thank you for shring your heart dear girl….Always…

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