Mother and Child by Ranvijay Rathore


“I love you, I love you very much” You say
Hard to believe though
You give proof of. I say
“Why then you come so infrequently?
I am your mother. You have not forgotten, I think,
In your childhood you loved
To be by my side
My dear son! I feel lonely now
Very much alone I think
Why do the children grow up so early
Is it, only to get freedom from mother’s den?

“Don’t get angry, Mother Dear!
I am not a child
I am an adult now, not your dear kid, Maa!
I am a complicated soul, perhaps changed in many ways
I agree I have not come to you
You have been always in my mind, my dear mom!
“Drop the matter here,my boy!
Stay well. Do come if can make out time.
Don’t forget to bring here the children
I wish to see them
As old I am, I know not
When I will start for the other world
may be this moment.”

“Do you know, Maa!
My spiritual guide says,
‘Family is the assembly of men
making room always for others.
Here nobody is thickly set-
Everybody lives alone
Maa! My Dear!
In a family, nobody belongs to
Anybody nor does anything
Belongs to something
Everybody is alone here.
Maa! you know better than everybody”

ⒸRanvijay Rathore 2012

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