Identity by Ranvijay Rathore

She tries to keep away from the unneeded roots.
It’s said Every figure and instances in life are designed to teach you a lesson..
Never remorse what you did, Never shed tears over what’s gone
Bcoz it’s not gonna change
update your chronicle of life,
Learn what you were en overwhelmed to, cherish the process and memories…

She wants to get free,
Get free . . .
From bonds of blood relations,
From bonds formed out of physical desires.
From bonds that tick on her,
From bonds that turn her into what she isn’t.
From the bonds that drag her to where she doesn’t wanna be,
To the one’s that drive her to do what she won’t do..

She wants wings to fly
Up above the sky……

Waiting from the new life to welcome her.
But is this journey towards improvement?
Towards a new self?
No, it’s about discovery.
In order to find one’s best. . .
One has to walk the path of inner discovery
We are perfect at our core,
It’s about peeling the outer layers
To get to the prefect self.
She is perfect.
She will get to “her-self”.

©Ranvijay Rathore 2012

4 thoughts on “Identity by Ranvijay Rathore

  1. Ranvijay, very well done. A kind of self examination with purpose and goal. Very nice. I read your bio as well and you are right Feelings don’t die. They manifest themselves in many ways through memories, imagined and tactile. Very well done.

    Be well,

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