A Day Of Love by Autumn Eliza

Early in the morning
You come grinning
With a dewfresh lovely rose.
I flash back a grin,
And take you in,
You kiss me upon my nose!

You give on my back,
A playful smack,
Then wrap me in your arms;
Oh, your embrace,
Is the safest place,
That shelters me from harm.

Footloose and free,
We walk to the sea,
And wander on the shore,
Our lips combine,
Our hearts entwine,
Yet we want each other more!
The sun sets low,
Its mellow orange glow
just trembles on the sea,
The waves are shy
To say ‘good bye’
to him and you and me.

Alas, It’s now time to go,
Reluctantly we move slow,
The stars are out above,
With one more kiss,
To remember our bliss,
Our day ends full of love.

ⒸAutumn Eliza 2012

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