Celtic Man~

Celtic Man

A magic man with healing hands
cried rainbow tears from wizard eyes;
He read my mind and touched my soul;
And mended all that wasn’t whole,
And cured my palsied arm and healed
the ancient pain;
And covered me with rainbows
that shimmered in the rain.

He took me to a secret place
forgotten by the human race,
Smudged me with the pure white sage;
and chanted songs from another age;
His eyes were luminous as jewels;
Crystals clear or clouds or mist,
Ruby, garnet, and amethyst.
And on that night I became his bride;
and felt the cosmic energy
a Reiki Master had inflamed me;
He danced to all the sacred chants,
I laughed to see his elfin grin;
Be it pow-wow; Psalms; even Samhain.
all life was sacred and would remain
forever ours, complete, unchanged.

Now I miss my mystic, magic man,
I remember that night he held my hand,
Promised a teacher I could understand.
I try to read the cryptic runes,
and listen to the Celtic tunes,
and watch the babe he gave to me,
cry rainbow tears so magically.
Kissing slightly curving lobes
so delicately.

©Willow Rose 2012

3 thoughts on “Celtic Man by Willow Rose

  1. OMG that was absolutely fantastic! I have not read poetry like that for a very very long time! This was a great start to my day… Was the Celtic man a dream? Did he disappear to get some other bride? Or can I draw my own conclusion?

    • Thank you so much Kriti; he actually is based on a real wizard!  I called him Poppy and Kriti he read Psalms, went to pow-wows, was a Reiki Master, and was also a Wiccan and a member of a coven!  He did heal a little boys heart just by prayer and he was 73 when I was 43.  He wanted me to marry him and finally I said yes.  That night he died!  But I do believe in life afterwards because we channeled him and the woman who did it said tell “Precious” everything was OK!  He was the only one who called me Precious!!!  I felt that was my gift to him and I know in another life (we had the same exact birthday) we had children and a magical life.  I am so thrilled you liked it and felt my feelings!  Maybe there is a “Celtic Man” in your past??  Thank you so much, Kriti.

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