The Queen

by Portia Burton

Don’t worry, mom, about me,
I am your princess,and one day
A queen I would surely be!

I will challenge adversity’s wrath,
I will continue to embrace life,
And walk fearlessly on my chosen path.

Now it doesn’t matter
What I have been through,
Now it doesn’t matter
What the people think of
My different view.

I won’t anymore be mediocre,
Mundane, submissive or pushover,
holding my own, I will shine
With my own individual lustre.

I am your daughter, so will be tender,
Yet won’t be called ‘the weaker gender’.
I will honestly do my share
With love for all and genuine care.

With my power I will attain glory,
Yes, I’ll certainly create history!

©Portia Burton 2012

3 thoughts on “The Queen by Portia Burton

  1. Empowerment is the perfect word, Porshyee,  A very nice internal rhyme that doesn’t sound forced at all and with this subject matter diction could become trite but you skillfully avoid that.  If you read my poem “Mama” you will see the bitterness which also is dramatized though real.  I do believe the world is your oyster and you can be whomever you choose!  Look forward to reading more.

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