Surf Goddess

by Willow

Emerald green, transparent glassine,
the wave begins rippling, prancing
for the watery gallop into shore;
tossing foaming and frothing white manes,
like Poseidon’s own team;
As the goddess of the islands
paddles her board —
then stands and maneuvers,
grabs control of the reins;
She is riding the flanks
of an untamed seahorse,
arcing and balanced;
The queen of her realm,
A graceful dancer; daring the sea.

Suddenly, as if it were a live thing
the liquid muscles bunch and pull,
as if coming in for the home stretch
the nostrils flare out and blow;
An ancient force on the bottom
puffs its cheeks and lets go!
Feeling wild and elemental,
she is the ruler of her world;
With a swift motion she is bent low,
tucked away in the curl, the maw of the beast;
Surf Goddess never falters…
laughing even louder
as she makes a perfect glide into shore;
Then turns toward the horizon,
scanning for more.

©Willow Rose 2012

2 thoughts on “Surf Goddess by Willow Rose

  1. Willow…I love this. The first vision is of surfing (perhaps too literal), but “the wave begins rippling, prancing

    for the watery gallop into shore” to me is a rapid dance through life and all of its challenges. I love this verse. Thank you for your poetic genius and willingness to share.

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