When A Poem Will Come

by Portia Burton

With a blank sheet before me
I suddenly grow apprehensive,
What will happen
If a poem will come?…..

Will the surroundings get changed?
Or all of a sudden
A ruby-red bud will bloom
In the thorny crown
Of a dull, dirty cactus?

Will this drab afternoon
Vaporise and vanish
In the purple clouds?
And will the blue words
Drizzle by themselves,
Drenching and intoxicating
My thirsty mind?….

When a poem will come
I will get rejuvenated
Like a plant lifting itself
After the first April-showers,
And the air will become vibrant
As if a flock of invisible birds
Is flying in circles in the sky,
And the flapping of their wings
Creating the rhythm of a novel metre…

Then I will leave peeping
In the mirror again and again,
Because my poem will show me
The real me, my real face;
And the fragrance of a new meaning
Of my own existence
Will start flowing through my blood,
And out of my dejection and gloom
A dewlike song will bloom.

©Portia Burton 2012

3 thoughts on “When A Poem Will Come by Portia Burton

  1. judekelvin igbonekwu

    such beauty in this poem and A dewlike song will bloom.
    fine line, just marvellous, don’t stop writing and let make a new world writing different from all the eyes have seen
    thank you

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