Haiku~ by Tameka Mullins

Haiku~ by Mark Edrys

In between your legs
I found life, love, pleasure, pain
But, I lost my heart

Vocally gifted
Built like a fashion model
Cheered, jeered, consumed, gone

Dreamy connection
Separated by distance
Bad timing and fear


The wind beat me down.
Rays of sun seared my body.
Spring sailing, heaven.

Haiku by Tameka Mullins


17 thoughts on “Haiku~ by Tameka Mullins

  1. Willow! Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, that one was about Whitney Houston. I miss her terribly. She was one of my favorite singers. So glad that you got me and enjoyed the work. Thank you!

  2. Tameka, I really enjoyed the tremendous compression in each haiku; how so very much can be said and, sometimes more profoundly, not said, is powerful imagination at its best. I may be wrong; I felt as if the haiku about being consumed was maybe Whitney Houston. Or any talented person who paid the ultimate sacrice for their art. I could really feel the sensations in your haiku about sailing; the word “searing” worked beautifully as it conjured up both negative and positive connotations. Great diversity and word choice, Tameka~~~~~Thank you!

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