O Dear Shepherd!

by Autumn Eliza

The little lamb feels forelorn,
Neglected by the shepherd,
Who keeps all her pleas
Deliberately unheard.

He thought only but yesterday
Her to be ‘the most dear’,
How he used to cuddle her,
And call her his ‘only cheer’!

Oh, dear shepherd, why do you think
That your lamb has gone astray?
No,no, she has just fallen in love,
And now is under love’s sway.

Do not think that she has gone
In search of a greener pasture,
Oh, she has only taken
The natural course of nature.

Don’t you see that your little lamb
Has now attained her youth,
And she has found her soulmate,
Please realise this simple truth.

You are still her star number one,
And she is still your ‘dove’,
For her there can be no substitute
For your fatherly love.

Ⓒ2012 Autumn Eliza

2 thoughts on “O Dear Shepherd!

  1. This is a very touching verse. The angst of silent distance. Hold the love in your heart…sometimes as children grow up and discover themselves, parent must do the same. Beautiful verse.

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