Water Faeries~

Deep pools of water
As I look into your eyes
Invitingly they reach out
And pull me in.

Serenity and
As I feel you wash o’er me
Peaceful and
Images sparkle
All around.

Fleeting thoughts of heaven
Like shooting stars
That light up
My world.
As you gaze
Into me
Discoveries made
As you smile.

Can we dance forever
In this place
We are entwined together
As finger tips touch
Soft and
Fragrant lips
Tracing their
Desire and
That come alive
In us
For us
As stifled cries
And settle
Like pixie dust
These magical moments
For contentment abounds.

©Neil Chatterton 2012


3 thoughts on “Water Faeries by Neil Chatterton

  1. I loved that and shared it Neil; I may share it with Leprechauns group and blow their minds sorry have not been able to read more; as you know I decided to get off meds and then broke my foot.  It is ironic; but I am pulling on that heavy; I will be better and go to the beach with your beautiful poem; I love how it ended on a “contented” note; you have written so much; I want to read it all!

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