by Ron Reed

I would have left here once
to leave behind stories past
and glance upon southern winds,
a different taste to the soul.
the aromatic memory of scented air
of fresh cut hay and faded perfume
I would have left here once

The journey to and from timed,
in finite increments
landmarks that tallied
the shortness of arrival.
embedded in memory
sensory, approved, anticipated
the journey to and from timed.

The depth of field fooled,
gazing through a rain soaked window
onto lifeless gray branches,
casting in a breeze
vision goes blurry
into introspection.
the depth of field fooled

I traveled from here once
something new and unexpected
a warm embrace and welcome,
I felt at home away.
all of these tactile memories
wear like a second skin,
I traveled from here once.

The agony of action before thought
paralyzed an outcome predestined,
voices echoed from forgotten recant.
the contrast of gray on gray in the fog
recoiled, repentant, removed, dismissed
other voices, another time,
the agony of action before thought.

this vaporous view of ideas
congealed with self.
the view is through a rain soaked window,
clouded and confused.
when the spots clear from my vision, it is only
a reflection.

©Ron Reed 2012

5 thoughts on “Reflection by Ron Reed

  1. Portia – Thank you very much for stopping by [again] to give it a read. You are a very talented poet and I value your kindness and support 🙂

  2. ‘The contrast of gray on gray in the fog’….Oh, what a moving poem! Each line has its own lustre! I just read and read this poem ‘to and fro’ timed!

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