An appeal to all Blognosticators~

by Ron Reed

In the beginning history was shared in verbal stories, drawings, and passed from generation to generation. Then language was developed and the written word passed our stories along for posterity. Much of what we all think, read and ponder in our daily lives is rooted in these kinds of communication and sharing.

Today in the 21st Century we are faced with a kind of erasure of written history never before experienced and portent of our future with regard to literature. In 2011, Borders Book Sellers, the second largest brick and mortar store for literature went bankrupt. Across North America that meant that people living in 2800 cities had to find another place to buy books. Barnes & Nobles, the largest bookseller is in the process of culling their herd of stores and concentrating on online sales. Amazon sells proprietary versions of their library to force customers to invest in their Kindle readers. The point I want to make is that literature in and of itself is what civilization has been built on and the romantic fact is that we as humans would not progress, form opinion, guide our lives or communicate without the written word. Literature and art are romantic, communicative and vital necessities, and without them we would still be grunting and living in caves.

So… now here is the real point. Blognostics was created and built on the sole premise of sharing new creative works which ultimately will live in posterity and be part of the new age of communication, distribution of art and in some small way contribute to our growth as humans in a civilized social environment. I know that all sounds very lofty, but imagine that someday [and it’s not impossible] that you no longer have a book store to visit for new literature. Where will you find it? A million places perhaps online, but why not as a prime source for creative writing? If Shelly, Keats, Poe or even Twain had the opportunity to broadcast their woks in such a way… you better believe they would have.

Jessica and Alex, Lisa Brandel, Willow, Deborah McConnell and many more too far to mention have spent countless hours developing a following and promoting all of our contributions. There is a literal cost for this aside from time spent. Blognostics is not simply a repository to dump posts in and hope for followers and comments, it is a library of contemporary art and verse and a part of our future with literature.

I do not want to strong arm anyone, I am simply making an appeal. The auction that Lisa Brandel spearheaded raised less than $100. As contributing members of this library I ask you please to make any contribution you can to sustain the existence of this resource. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but please help when you can with whatever you can.

BlogNostics recently started audio readings of works submitted and in little more than a week they have garnered more than 3000 hits on YouTube. That is impressive! Click Here to See and Hear Spoken Word Poetry

Please promote the group, invite serious writers to join and contribute whatever you can as you can. We will all be richer for it and make a substantial contribution to preserving romance, and literature.

Thank you ~ Ron Reed



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