The Bends~ by Ryan Ward

I’ve seen you around about twice,

And I’ve never asked you before,

But where’v you been all my life.

Did we meet at a mutual friends,

Or did I smile as you passed me round the bends?

You’re giving me them now,

The air seems thick,

Resurfacing too quickly.

You are smoke,

Tangible and pretty.

Help me breathe,

Useless and witty.

But oh,

I bet you’d fit me,

Like the little boy and his teddy.

Seems the truth is a knife,

Fantasies making promises they can’t keep.

In the absence of divine intervention,

I’d say we’re to destined to never meet.

I’ve only ever seen you once or twice,

But where’v you been all my life?

  ©Ryan Ward 2012

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