Moment in the Park

by Willow Rose

Suddenly air-borne! Aloft; earth free,
I felt your strong hands pushing me.
Pumping my legs and filling the space
of a hungry, empty, yearning place
deep in my soul;
that I could not name
yet felt the gnawing need just the same.
And in a sudden, lucid moment
I knew
there could never be anyone else but you.

Watching you swing on the swing set
next to me,
I saw the child and man in you.
Side by side;
and wanted to touch them both, set them free;
circle the earth with your energy.
Your smile and eyes lit the air that day,
like the sunlight that chased the dark clouds away,
Content to bask in your magical glow
I held onto your hand
and touched a rainbow.

©Willow Rose 2012

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