A Neverending Story

by Portia Burton

All of a sudden her face became
Like a crumpled tissue paper,
Her eyes wavered wildly
Like a candle in the wind,
And then closed like a door slammed shut.

When she didn’t respond to my calls
I frantically rushed to the doctor,
Who came briskly with more nurses,
And then their discussion, whispered instructions,
And curtains drawn around her bed.

After some time~ which seemed like ages,
On being told that she’s come around,
I rushed back to her while checking myself
From flinging upon her and kissing her hand
With sob-trembling lips, said,
“Mom, don’t ever do this to me!”

She patted me with her feeble hand,
And said with a lukewarm smile,
“I think I just had a glimpse of death.
There was a white darkness around me
Trying to suck me up in its vortex,
But every cell wanted to live for you,
So I fought my way back here.
Yet I’ve realised none can escape death,
Who is the companion of our breath.
I think it is a neverending story,
I may not be, yet I’ll always be.”

©Portia Burton 2012

3 thoughts on “A Neverending Story by Portia Burton

  1. Portia ~ plenty of emotion in this piece. I felt that relief too upon reading that she had “come around”! Very sobering last couple of sentences too – Nice Job!

    • Mr. Neil Chatterton,
      Dear Sir, I just can’t describe what I went through at that time. However my mom’s grit made me pen these lines.
      Thank you for caring.

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